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To improve community safety, economic growth & self sufficiency through education in essential areas to reduce recidivism and gain successful reentry back into society after prison, domestic violence and destructive choices. 

Our Vision

The intent of our work is to encourage mindset shifts in our clients to make better personal choices and to see that nothing is impossible regardless of previous circumstances. 


We help people by educating and equipping so they can be successful. 

Meet the founder

Tonia Quarterman a.k.a. The Reentry Strategist 

She has a passion for mentoring the youth through our Prison Prevention programs and is a firm believer that reentry begins on day one of incarceration. She is an International, Best Selling Author of the book: "The Ex-Con Factor: You Did Your Time, Now What? Journey from D.O.C. to C.E.O." She knows first hand about the journey dealing with destructive choices and the challenges to rebuilding your life for success.

What They're Saying...

-After going through the financial literacy and strategy program with SSG I was able to begin the process of rebuilding my life after leaving my abusive husband. Prior to the workshop I was totally financially dependent on him to provide for my basic needs. It is because of the workshop that I am now aware of control tactics used by abusers that prohibited me from being independent. -Irene C.

-Both my son and my nephew were getting in trouble in school, fighting, skipping smoking weed etc. After attending SSG prison prevention workshop they are doing much better thinking before they act and are becoming more aware of how their actions affect other people. I am very grateful how SSG’s program has changed the direction of my son and nephew’s life. Highly recommend! -Traci B.

-Still Some Good’s donation of the book The Ex-con Factor inspired me to go back to school to finish my business degree. -Demarquin J.

Programs & Workshops

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    Prison Prevention 1. Youth Mentorship  
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    Financial Literacy 2. For returning citizens & domestic violence survivors
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    Reentry Mindset Reset 3. Inside Prison Workshops
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    Rap Sheets to Resumes 4. Resume writing workshops

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Our youth's future depend on prison prevention...

Everyone is just one bad decision away from changing their lives forever with a conviction. Our goal is to prevent that for our youth and help the ones who are formerly incarcerated pick up the pieces and live a successful life once reentering into society. We appreciate your continued support. 

We are SO grateful for the donation of the books for our monthly youth seminar. The youth really enjoyed the guest speaker and getting their books signed. 

Saturday Seminar

Deland, FL 

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